Product Care

Safest Bet

Check the garment care label, it has specific details on how to handle your performance gears to maximise the shelf life. In general, our garments can all be machine washed in cold water (30 degrees). Tumble dry on low. Cool low iron.

Washing Tips

For dark or bright coloured apparels, we recommend that you wash it separately with similar colours and keep them away from other fabrics when it is still damp.

Use mild soap or detergent to wash your apparels.

Turn your apparels inside out when you wash it and avoid washing it together with abrasive materials such as zippers, rough denim and velcro as they may scratch or create marks on a few delicate fabrics made of fine thin yards such as miBreathe and miPlush.

Softeners and performance fabric don’t go well together. The chemicals in softeners will clog the fibre pores and reduce the moisture wicking abilities in our technical fabrics.

Washing your sports bra with the cups removed helps retain the shape of the cup and ensure more thorough washing.

Gently hand wash the cups in cool water (and mild soap if needed) and lay flat to dry.

Yes, our yoga mat towels (including those with anti-slip silicone gel dots) can be machine washed with cold water, and tumble dry on low.